Northwest Motor Sports Arena

The Northwest Motorsports Arena is one of the nicest and most desirable dirt tracks, by enthusiasts, for pulling and stock car sports.

Every Year Antique Tractors by the dozens come to enjoy an afternoon of enjoyment and friendly competition.

The week is capped off Friday Night with Professional pulls by local enthusiasts and Regional champions with the Full Pull Productions ensemble of equipment, endorsement, and entertainment.

Lastly Stock Car Football, a Warren County Fair exclusive, Demolition Derby, and Fireworks finish off the week in the Northwest Motorsports Arena.

If you love the sound of the combustion engine, appreciate man and machine, or just plain love to laugh at blunders check out what's happening in the Motorsports Arena.

Wed @ 6:30 PM Antique Tractor (Free with Gate)
Thurs @ 7:00 PM Lawn and Garden (Free with Gate)
Fri @ 8:00 PM Modified Tractor (Admission Charged)
Sat @ 7:00 PM Stock Car Football (Free with Gate)

Mail: Warren County Fair | PO Box 230 Pittsfield, PA 16340
Phone: (814) 563-9386

GPS: 41.842423,-79.394288
MAP: 371 Barton Run Pittsfield, PA 16340
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