In December of 2013 a meeting was held to discuss our website progress, and to set goals moving forward.  It was decided that we wanted to be intentional in our support of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), along with being more touch-screen friendly.  The evolution of the use of the website and Facebook to promote and support annual fundraisers and projects on the fairgrounds also motivated further change in navigation and layout.  We hope to continue to progress in a manner that is both appealing and informative.

In August of 2011, a meeting was held to discuss the website and opportunities to radically change it.  It today's internet realm, where we all enjoy 'connecting' with our favorite things on the internet, we discussed ways to enable improved searchability and cross site integration with common web services on the internet.  These goals include Facebook, Twitter, and News services so that the wonders of the Warren County Fair are through your eyes; and your words.  Because, ultimately, the Fair is yours; we're just here to help facilitate your opportunities.

However, the preceeding websites have a tremendous amount of information, were extermely successful in their time; and we may have chosen to exclude things that you may be looking for.  So, here they are:

Website published from 2012 - 2013:


Website published from 2007 - 2011:


Website published through 2007:


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